25 Apr My Smart Kid Is So Emotional–Am I A Parenting Failure?

by Paula Prober, Licensed Counselor and Consultant Your child is emotional. Anxious. Melting down. Telling you that you’re the worst parent. Ever. Not in so many words, necessarily. But still. You know that you’re the worst parent. Ever. “How can such a smart kid behave this way?” you...

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highly sensitive

18 Apr Why Are So Many Gifted Children Also Highly Sensitive?

By Lisa Natcharian, Raising Wizards It's a scientific fact that 20% of the population is born with a gene that allows them to "process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly" than other people do.  We also know that a common thread that runs among gifted people is...

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11 Apr Grief, Loss and Gifted

by Heather Boorman, LICSW, LCSW, and Co-Founder of The Fringy Bit Whether we believe it or not, Spring has sprung. Often, we think of new growth, new life, and renewal, but spring can also hold an underpinning of grief and loss. As soon as the weather warms...

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04 Apr Poetic, Mythological Constellation Mysteries

by Cassidy Kao, Academy Student Hi everyone! My name is Cassidy and I am eleven years old. I’m also the author of Constellation Exploration: Greek Mythical Stories Retold with Simple Facts and Fun and Mysterious Riddles, Roller Coaster: Kid’s Guide on How to Write Poetry, and...

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