How to Apply

2017 Details & Important Dates

Application Deadline: April 11, 2017

Final SAT Date: March 11, 2017

Final ACT Date: April 8, 2017

Finalist Interview Period:
June 19 – August 18, 2017

If a finalist is not available during these interview periods they will be invited for a Skype interview.

Application & Instructions

The application period for the 2017 Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship has now closed. Please check back in late 2017 for the 2018 application. 

The following instructions must be followed for mail applications:


• Print or type in black or blue ink

• Submit all printed material on 8.5” x 11” paper

• Do not use sheet protectors, staples, paper clips or binding for any application elements other than your work sample, as items will be scanned

• Use additional pieces of paper as needed

• Submit one copy of all elements you generate. Collect all third-party elements (i.e., recommendations, nominations, test scores) and include them in your application packet

• You may submit written material, audio or video tapes, computer disks, CDs, DVDs or 3-dimensional work. 3-dimensional work may be photographed and copied

• Materials will not be returned to applicant

• Please be sure your application packet is complete and includes all elements before mailing

• All completed applications must be mailed by the deadline date.

• Applicants are encouraged to blend ability, aptitude, creativity, and ingenuity – remember, be yourself!


Please mail to:
Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship
Institute for Educational Advancement
569 S. Marengo Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

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