February 2021 - Institute for Educational Advancement


18 Feb Comics for Literacy

Reading and writing comics are fantastic ways for students of all ages to develop their literacy skills and nurture their creativity. In my Cartooning for Creatives class with IEA, we read comics and analyze them for their literary techniques, such as character, setting, tone, perspective,...

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10 Feb Practicing Mindfulness in Gifted Children

While intellectually understanding the situation we face, a young gifted child may not yet possess the emotional vocabulary to process what’s going on around them. This can cause anxiety, stress, and can seriously affect their overall wellbeing....

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05 Feb Is It Time for a Tutor?

There are a variety of things to consider: grade level curriculum, organizational skills, attentiveness, study habits and just general life activities. Classroom success ebbs and flows with each student’s situation, especially now with so many schedules disrupted. ...

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