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things we're excited about in 2019

22 Jan Things We’re Excited About in 2019

by Hillary Jade, Program Manager It’s hard to believe, but we’re already well into the new year: 2019. Despite heavy rains – much-needed and welcomed throughout Los Angeles County – in IEA’s home city of Pasadena, CA, the future looks bright! With the rainfall comes the...

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top 10 blog posts of 2018

26 Dec Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

Here were the Institute for Educational Advancement's top blog posts in 2018: How to Prepare to Apply for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship An explanation of what it means to be highly sensitive, as well as a summary of the many pros and some cons of being...

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11 Dec Applying AI to Social Issues

By Amélie Buc, 2015 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar If someone had asked me before my ninth grade summer if I knew what Artificial Intelligence was, I would have talked about Ava in the film Ex Machina. Ava, though technically a robot, has a consciousness, morals of...

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academy teacher

04 Dec Reflections from an Academy Teacher

By Anita Russell, Academy Teacher There are many things I love about IEA Academy. The most important things to me are the freedoms the program offers its instructors that I did not have at other schools.  The first freedom I cherish here is the ability to follow...

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giving tuesday

27 Nov Giving Tuesday: Volunteering

By Anvi Kevany, Administrative Assistant I started my volunteer work as a teenager, when my local group needed participants to join their choir to perform at nursing facilities.  In addition, our high school highly encouraged students to volunteer their time, either at school or within the...

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Giving Thanks 2018

20 Nov Giving Thanks 2018

Before everyone departs to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to take a few minutes to give thanks to our IEA community! Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who devote their time and resources to support IEA’s programs and services. Whether it’s donating books...

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world kindnes day

13 Nov Celebrating Kindness at IEA

by Nicole Endacott, Program Coordinator “No act of kindness – however small – is ever wasted.” – Aesop Today is World Kindness Day! At IEA, our Whole Child Approach means that we see gifted youth as much more than their minds and deeply value their unique perspectives...

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Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship

06 Nov How the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Changed My Life

by Esther An, Caroline D. Bradley Scholar If I had asked seventh grade Esther An where she was going to be in three years, she probably wouldn’t have eagerly responded with, “Wallingford, Connecticut." Actually, even the suggestion of anywhere outside the city of Los Angeles, California, where...

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30 Oct Gifted Children and Arts Education

By Katie Sanborn, Office Manager An article from the TED-Ed Blog titled “Why dance is just as important as math in school” (1) by Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica recently caught my eye and led me to research more on the topic of the arts...

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23 Oct Resources for Gifted Students Applying to College

By Niña Abonal, Senior Program Coordinator It's that time of the year again, when high school students across the country are entering the most intense phase of their college journey: college applications and decisions! Just when gifted students have finally found the appropriate educational services at their...

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fall activities guide

16 Oct Fall Activities Guide

By Morgan Carrion, Assistant to the President With the fall season upon us, we here at IEA would like offer a guide to festive fall activities for you and your family. But let us set the tone with inspiration from the poet John Keats.   “To Autumn” by...

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Recurring Giving

09 Oct The Magic of Recurring Giving

by Zadra Rose Ibañez, Director of Operations In the non-profit world, donors are the lifeblood of an organization. Though many programs charge fees for services, these fees usually do not cover the full expense of an individual’s participation, let alone any free programs and services offered to...

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positive mental health

02 Oct How to Encourage Positive Mental Health Practices

By Anvi Kevany, Administrative Assistant As a parent, you always want what is best for your child and strive to provide it for them.  Developmental specialists, health providers and other experts are always researching and recommending ways to raise a child in order to reach their...

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cult of personality

25 Sep The Cult of Personality

by Zadra Rose Ibañez, Director of Operations Do you remember that song by Living Color? It was about perception, and how we value what we think of as success and achievement, without really understanding everything going on underneath someone’s public persona.  Sometimes that perception, or others’ expectation of...

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18 Sep More Than Just A Workshop

By Alexis Hopper, Program Coordinator This past July, 12-year-old educator and GOVLEARN founder (and now 2018 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar!), Luke Gialanella, presented Academy's fourth student-lead workshop. Votes and Voices: The Electoral College invited students ages 9-14 to participate in an informative and fun introduction to...

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04 Sep Announcing the 2018 Caroline D. Bradley Scholars!

The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) has announced the 2018 class of award recipients of the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, a four-year high school scholarship for gifted learners to attend an optimally matched high school program to help them meet their unique intellectual and personal...

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LABS Series

28 Aug When There’s a Need, IEA Finds a Way!

by Niña Abonal, Senior Program Coordinator Since I started working at IEA three years ago, I’ve witnessed the remarkable evolution of our program offerings and have had the opportunity to spearhead EXPLORE, a summer externship program that was piloted in 2016 for high school students. What started...

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Leonardo da Vinci

21 Aug Leonardo da Vinci: Restless Renaissance Rebel

By Hillary Jade, Program Manager When Leonardo da Vinci is mentioned, either in an academic setting or in a casual conversation, one of several knee-jerk references usually comes to mind: His inventions The Mona Lisa The Vitruvian Man, his painstakingly accurate depiction of the human form ...

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