Investing in Our Children Now is Investing In Our Future. - Institute for Educational Advancement

There are over 3 million gifted and talented students in the United States from a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds – yet hundreds of thousands of these children are being neglected and have little to no access to any form of gifted education or support services.


The Institute for Educational Advancement works to change that through life-changing programs, enrichment classes, scholarships and resources.  IEA has helped over ten thousand  children get the services they need to thrive and become explorers of tomorrow. 

Multiply your impact.


Join the Nautilus Society by pledging to donate to IEA for three consecutive years and show your long-term commitment to supporting this exceptional population through much-needed programs and services. Sustained funding allows us to focus on directly serving the bright young individuals who need us. Annual pledge donations large and small are welcomed. Every gift makes a difference.



  • Founders Circle: Gifts of $25,000+
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  • Patrons: Gifts of $5,000+
  • Sponsors: Gifts of $1,000+
  • Supporters: Gifts of $500+
  • Friends: Gifts up to $499



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“By investing in our children we are, in turn, investing in our future. If we put our time and resources into them, they will pay it back tenfold by inventing and doing great things.”

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Your Donation is Important to Us

You can trust that your donation will make an impact on the lives of gifted students and their families.  In 2021, 86 cents of every dollar donated to IEA went directly to providing programs and services for gifted youth.


IEA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Thanks to supporters like you, we have provided programs for thousands of bright young minds across the country. You can help us continue this work.