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Helping Pasadena Unified School District:
The Pipeline to Success Project

Pipeline to Success was a pilot program developed by IEA in partnership with the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) and Avery Dennison Foundation. Designed specifically to serve highly able, underserved youth in PUSD, the program ran from 1999 to 2010.

The program provided gifted middle and high school students in the PUSD with enrichment classes, Personal Education Plans, and other services, and stressed strong relationships among students, teachers, parents, Program Coordinators and enrichment teachers. Beginning in 7th grade, every student had a Personalized Education Plan, updated twice yearly. IEA sponsored weekend and summer enrichment classes, a three-day camp, and several evening events with parents and students. Teachers participated in training sessions.
Beginning at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, the program expanded to include Pasadena High School and Blair High School through generous funding from the Avery Dennison Foundation, the Rose Hills Foundation, Washington Mutual Foundation, The Ann Peppers Foundation, and the Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation. At its peak, 270 students were enrolled, and all students graduated by 2010. All Pipeline students graduated from high school, compared with a 69% graduation rate district-wide.

Though Pipeline is not an active program, IEA is proud to have served this community and is open to partnerships with other schools and school districts to provide similar programming to benefit gifted and talented students.

Program Overview


The chief goal of the Pipeline curriculum was to prepare students for college by providing them with challenging academic coursework and additional resources and experiences throughout their middle and high school years. Additionally, IEA actively sought the input of teachers, parents, and students enrolled in Pipeline.

As a further service to students, IEA also provided funding to support class-size reduction and offered teacher training to educators throughout the district. Pipeline participants and family members received academic support and guidance from 6th through 12th grade in the form of the following services:

• Personalized Education Plans (PEP’s)  
After gathering academic data, consulting with the parents and teachers of Pipeline students, and conducting one-on-one meetings with the students, Program Coordinators created a customized PEP. The PEP is intended to empower the student to excel academically.

• Resource Referrals  Using the PEP, Program Coordinators directed Pipeline students towards various programs, contests, and talent searches.

• Financial Assistance Referrals  IEA helped students locate and apply for scholarships to educational opportunities such as summer programs.

• Student Events  IEA presented a variety of events, including special seminars with guest speakers, college tours and admissions assistance, field trips, and social gatherings for Pipeline students to develop a peer network and make new friends.

• Parent Events  IEA provided opportunities for parents to learn more about their students’ gifts and how to maximize their potential.

• Advanced Enrichment Classes  IEA provided a variety of academically challenging enrichment courses intended to give Pipeline students the opportunity to advance their knowledge through coursework not typically available at their schools. Courses included: Preparing for College, Writing the College Application Essay, Small Business, Mathematical Logic, and Engineering Projects.

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