Yunasa Camp Counselor

Yunasa West
Location: Camp Shady Brook, Sedalia, CO (Yunasa West, elevation 6,700 ft.) 
Dates: Saturday, June 8 – Saturday, June 15, 2024 
(Staff will be at camp Thursday, June 6 – Saturday, June 15, 2024) 

Location: Howell Nature Center, Howell, MI  
Dates: Saturday, July 13 – Saturday, July 20, 2024 
(Staff will be at camp Friday, July 12 – Saturday, July 20, 2024)

Overview of Program

IEA’s pioneering Yunasa summer camps unite students with experts in the social and emotional development of highly able youth. In a nurturing setting, campers explore and grow the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of their lives. Yunasa provides a fun-filled summer camp geared toward the uniqueness of gifted children while having all the enjoyment of a traditional summer sleep-away camp. Yunasa, meaning “balance”, is a weeklong summer camp for highly gifted youth between the ages of 10 and 14. Qualified applicants are highly gifted and inquisitive individuals who aspire to develop their personal confidence, build community, and learn new things through exploration and discovery. Campers participate in activities designed to expand their horizons and provide them opportunities for support and growth.

Job Description

Camp Counselors will work with Institute for Educational Advancement staff to provide a meaningful summer experience for the campers. They will reside with the campers in dormitory-style cabins and will be responsible for the supervision of the campers at all times. Each counselor will be assigned a small group of campers with whom they will engage in discussions and daily reflections in addition to being called on to lead large, whole-camp activities.

Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate will possess:
• Experience supervising youth in a camp or school environment
• Knowledge of and ability to lead campers in various camp activities including: Ice Breakers, Hiking, Water Sports, Campfire Games and Songs, Teambuilding Activities, and various other outdoor recreational activities
• The ability to work with campers, staff, faculty, and parents
• Creativity and enthusiasm
• A high level of personal initiative
• Excellent communication skills
• The ability to handle all contacts in a professional manner
• Physical fitness and love of the outdoors
• CPR and First Aid Certification


Counselors will be expected to:
• Supervise campers at all times when they are not involved in a small group or other supervised activity
• Maintain order in the camp housing facility
• Plan and implement “camp-style” activities
• Assist with camper travel and transportation
• Assist with camper check in
• Act as the first contact for campers experiencing difficulties
• Act as a role model in both attitude and behavior
• Consult regularly with Institute for Educational Advancement staff about campers’ social and emotional welfare
Inform Institute for Educational Advancement staff of any serious disciplinary, emotional, or other problem(s) a camper may be having as soon as they are aware of the problem(s) and handle any such problem(s) according to the protocol established by the Yunasa Program Coordinator 
• Be available on the final day to ensure that the camp housing facilities are left clean and free from damage
• Assist with the completion of any evaluations • Undertake other related duties as assigned


Camp Counselors receive full room and board for the week and a stipend (salary negotiable) upon completion of the camp.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume and a cover letter.

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