Supporting a gifted child is often challenging.

As parents and educators, it can be difficult to understand how best to meet the complex needs of gifted children. During the school year, IEA offers complimentary monthly Gifted Support Group meetings featuring  professionals who are experts on various aspects of gifted youth. These meetings provide support and community, a venue for shared discovery, and a space to exchange resources and ideas. Sharing experiences with other parents and educators who interact with gifted children has proven to be enormously helpful.

Upcoming Meetings

Please check back for information about upcoming meetings.

Recent Meetings

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  • Learn the theory and application of a holistic approach for gifted children
  • Meet share with and learn from educators and other parents of gifted children
  • Get indepth information on a variety of topics related to gifted youth and education

Past topics have included:

  • Giftedness Identification IQ Testing
  • Homeschooling Parent Panel
  • Accelerated Gifted Education
  • Enhancing the Emotional Functioning of Gifted Children
  • Exploring NonTraditional Education Options in a Standardized World
  • Gifted Resource Swap and Play Date
  • TwiceExceptional Parent Panel
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy

To see upcoming gifted support group meeting topics and details, please visit the Upcoming Events page of our website. Questions or would like to suggest a speaker or topic? Email us at ieagifted@educationaladvancement.org.

Join the group! For information about our next gifted support group meeting, visit our upcoming events page.

“IEA Provides a Wealth of Information and Is the Best Resource We’ve Found for Support and Guidance in the Gifted Community.”

– IEA Parent