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Annual donations to the IEA IMPACT FUND provide the critical support IEA needs each year to ensure that gifted and talented youth of all backgrounds receive the educational programs and services they need to thrive.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Institute for Educational Advancement. We are grateful to our generous community of donors who make contributions to IEA. Annual donations to the IEA IMPACT FUND provide a vital foundation of support that makes possible all of the programs, services and financial aid we provide each year for our students and their families. Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.   

While gifted youth make up 5-7% of the total student population, advanced programming for these young people in most elementary and middle schools is limited¹. Gifted children are underserved and underfunded, and together, we can help them. IEA’s expertise in the field of gifted education is to create nurturing, enriching experiences that foster each participant’s intellectual and personal growth. This exceptional population of children is often underserved by traditional educational programs. IEA benefits the whole child through optimally matched programs and impacts gifted children through respectful, positive interaction in a safe and supportive environment. 

Your donation makes an impact

  • Provides gifted youth with opportunities for support, growth and community – regardless of their background. 
  • Provides scholarships for families who do not have the financial ability to pay for services that meet their child’s intellectual and personal needs. 
  • Keeps tuition low to make programs and services for gifted youth less cost-prohibitive. 
  • Funds high-quality teachers, mentors, educators and experts so they can be a resource for students and families. 
  • Provides resources, online and in-person, for families and teachers of gifted children to help them meet the needs of these exceptional children. 

IEA Impact Fund Annual Recognition Levels



Founders Circle











Up to $499


The Nautilus Society was founded in 2000 by generous donors committed to the long-term success of the Institute for Educational Advancement. Join the Nautilus Society and provide support to gifted education with a three-year annual pledge. Receive a special commemorative Nautilus gift!

Institute for Educational Advancement - Connecting bright minds; nurturing intellectual and personal growth

In 2016, the Institute for Educational Advancement established the Taya Scholarship Fund to celebrate the life of one of our dearest Yunasa campers. Taya’s compassion and empathy touched many of her peers and staffers alike, and as a result her friends and family funded this scholarship to honor her impact. Every year, the scholarship funds are used to cover the tuition of one camper that may not otherwise experience Yunasa summer camp. We strive to honor her life by providing enriching experiences for the whole child, encouraging growth and providing emotional, spiritual and intellectual support for our campers. 

To further honor her legacy, we arranged to have a tree bearing her name planted at the camp. It continues to grow to this day, where it reminds us to lead a life of kindness and appreciation for those we love. 

To donate to the Taya Scholarship Fund, please complete our Online Donation Form and mention the fund in the comments box. For more information about the Taya Scholarship Fund, contact us at IEAgifted@educationaladvancement.org. 

For more information about Annual Giving, contact Jane Laudeman, Development Manager at (626) 403-8900 or jlaudeman@educationaladvancement.org. 


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