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In 2016, the Institute for Educational Advancement received our Six-Year Accreditation Status from the Accrediting Association for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) as a Supplementary Education Program (SEP).

ACS WASC is a school improvement process and serves as the foundation for quality education. Accredidation ensures that an instituion’s programs are viable and trustworthy and encourages the ongoing improvement of student learning and educational programs.

ACS WASC defines an SEP as a a non-degree, non-diploma granting organization that offers programs of instruction in specific areas of learning designed for elementary and/or secondary age students who are in need of, or desire, educational development in one or more areas. Student attendance in a SEP is limited to the time required for success in the specific area(s) of learning for which the student is enrolled. Typically, students attend the supplementary education program as a means of strengthening or supplementing specific capabilities within their comprehensive education.

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