IEA provides a variety of consulting and resource services to families, schools, and districts with highly gifted children.

Sharing experiences with other parents who have gifted kids has proven to be enormously helpful. Gifted youth, parents, college counselors, teachers, and educational professionals will find the tools they need from some of the nation’s leading experts.

IEA Services:

IEA provides a variety of consulting services to families with highly gifted children.

Provides educators with tools and training to support the needs of gifted learners in schools.

Online database that helps students, parents, and educators identify opportunities and resources appropriate for gifted learners.

Monthly meetings throughout the school year that provide parents and educators with information on topics relevant to the gifted child and that provide community and support for those raising highly able children.

IEA staff members are available for speaking engagements at events, conferences, and meetings relevant to gifted youth and their parents and educators.

IEA is working on initiatives aimed at improving access to challenging education for every gifted child. including releasing the first-ever poll of voters about gifted education.

Help for School Districts: Pipeline for Success
Institute for Educational Advancement - Connecting bright minds; nurturing intellectual and personal growth

This college preparation program, through the Pasadena Unified School District, provided students with challenging coursework and individual guidance throughout the middle and high school years.

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