The goal of the IEA Alumni Program is to create a platform for our alumni across all IEA programs that will build valuable, ongoing connections with each other, current Scholars, and IEA’s nationwide network. Our Alumni Program encourages each program graduate to connect, build professional networks, and provide mentorship, advocacy and support for younger IEA students. Our mission seeks to connect like-minded individuals and supports a diverse community that creates an ongoing sense of belonging and affirmation.

If you have participated in IEA Academy, Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, EXPLORE, Apprenticeship, and/or Yunasa Summer Camps for the Gifted, please sign up to receive our Alumni newsletter, and join the following groups:

  • Let us know what you’ve been working on, so that others can reach out and connect with you! Complete the milestone page, and we will publish it in our next newsletter.
  • Have suggestions for a newsletter theme? A blog?
  • Events, opportunities, or research you’d like to share and promote within the group?

Send us your thoughts and we will incorporate them into the program. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor—we are here to work with our IEA Alumni to make connections happen and foster life-long commitment and engagement.

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