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IEA’s Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship offers one of the only merit-based, need-blind high school scholarships to highly gifted students across the United States.

Scholars receive a four-year high school scholarship to an optimally matched high school program intended to meet their unique intellectual and personal needs, as well as receiving individualized support, educational advocacy, and a network of like-minded peers.

The Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship was founded on the conviction that our nation’s exceptionally gifted young people are best equipped to reach their full potential in a nurturing, rigorous, and flexible learning environment suited to their individual academic needs and personal goals. Scholars have an outstanding record of post-high school national scholarships, college admissions, prestigious awards, internships, and fellowships along with job and career placement in areas suited to their studies and passions.

It began in 2002 when five students from the Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco areas were selected as the first Caroline D. Bradley Scholars. Each year the Scholarship has expanded regionally, and it is now offered nationally. The Scholarship was inspired and funded by a generous donor and is now funded by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. The CDB Scholarship creates a life-changing experience for its students, providing a four-year high school scholarship, support and counsel through high school and beyond, and a strong community of intellectual peers.



A Merit-Based, Four-Year High School Scholarship


The Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship is a full four-year, merit-based high school scholarship. The Scholarship can be used nationally toward any high school or approved alternative educational program that best fits the Scholar’s individual intellectual, academic, and personal needs and goals. The Scholarship enables highly able middle school students to explore and access unlimited high school and early college opportunities that provide these young adults with the optimal educational match for their high school career.



Support & Counseling
through High School and Beyond


Scholars receive consistent, ongoing, personalized educational counseling to support them through the high school selection and application process, their high school careers, the college application process, and beyond. Scholars build skills and hone values that promote personal character, and they gain new perspectives about themselves and the world around them.





A Strong Support Network
and Community of Intellectual Peers


In addition to providing a high school scholarship and academic guidance, CDB gives Scholars a community of intellectual peers and a cross-generational support network. Through the honor and distinction of being a Caroline D. Bradley Scholar, students join a strong fellowship of lifelong learners – a community on which Scholars can rely for support, shared information, and networking for the rest of their lives. The annual Bradley Seminar provides an opportunity for Scholars and their families to gather and share ideas and information; develop meaningful relationships with others to whom they can relate; and help grow a lifelong community support network

Selection Process


All applicants submit a portfolio application by April 6, 2021. See Application for a detailed description of all application materials. Applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee, after which Finalists will be identified and participate in a personal interview. Finally, the IEA Scholarship Team will select up to 30 Caroline D. Bradley Scholars for the 2020 year.



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