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IEA Academy provides students in Kindergarten through 8th grade with advanced enrichment classes that promote exploration and application of knowledge. Courses provide compelling content and appropriate challenges taught at a flexible pace with small classes by highly qualified, dedicated professionals.


Advanced Enrichment Classes that Go Beyond the Classroom
IEA Academy provides exceptionally creative learning opportunities that encourage in-depth exploration of topics outside of the typical school curriculum. Optimized in both content and pace, classes cover a wide variety of STEM, arts, and humanities topics, often taught through an interdisciplinary lens. IEA Academy inspires students to be lifelong learners, as they are challenged and motivated in the learning process through discovery and exploration. In a stimulating educational environment, students engage in hands-on, inquiry-based learning with content area specialists. Each class serves no more than 10 students to ensure individual attention is provided, appropriate differentiation occurs, and community is built among participants.

Designed Specifically for the Gifted Learner

Gifted children learn best when provided with compelling content, appropriate challenges, and a flexible pace of learning. The IEA Academy provides students the opportunity to pursue their intellectual curiosity with knowledgeable teachers and other children who also crave intellectual challenge. While gifted children need intellectually challenging academic material, they are, after all, still children and need age-appropriate content. The IEA Academy provides the intellectual rigor these children need while still keeping content age-appropriate. All courses are taught by content area specialists who are trained in working with gifted youth.

IEA Academy Classes:
How it Works

All classes are designed for students performing at the 2nd-8th grade level unless otherwise noted and meet for 90 minutes. “Primary” classes are intended for students working at the K-1st grade level and meet for 60 minutes.

Classes take place after school, on weekends, and during the summer. We also occasionally offer daytime classes during the school year to provide optimal choices for homeschooling families. Students can take as few or as many classes as they like each session.

IEA Academy runs year-round, with sessions offered in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Classes during the school year meet once per week for eight weeks. Classes meet daily during summer sessions.

Beyond Academics:
The Whole Child Approach in Action


More than just an academic class, the IEA Academy provides opportunities for the whole child to grow, including activities that encourage mindfulness, emotional literacy, and social connections.

Students meet others who share their interests and abilities and build social, emotional, and intellectual connections with peers from a variety of school systems, educational backgrounds, and grade levels. Students also forge mentoring relationships with teachers. In addition to these opportunities during class, the IEA Academy also provides opportunities outside of classes for socialization and community-building to help students and their families build and nurture relationships as well as share resources and knowledge.

It Starts with You: IEA’s Child-Centered Approach


The IEA Academy starts with each student’s needs and interests in mind. Every IEA Academy class provides engaging, personalized, skill-specific curriculum. Courses are designed to optimize student growth and progression within each class, as well as from session to session. Students can go as fast, as wide, or as deep as they like. New courses each session are born out of extensive research and based on student interest, teacher passions, and the needs apparent within our nation’s educational system.

Parent Tools for Advocacy and Understanding


Parents receive high-quality, detailed feedback on their child’s intellectual and personal growth over the course of each session. Each teacher provides parents with an assessment of their child’s academic strengths in relation to differentiated learning objectives, strengths and abilities as a learner, degree to which their child has demonstrated mastery of subject matter, and next-step learning targets. Parents have found this feedback incredibly helpful, both for understanding the academic needs of their child as well as for advocating for their child’s needs in a traditional school setting

Partnerships that Enrich


The IEA Academy has built partnerships with other local schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations to provide additional opportunities for Academy students. Collaborators and partners have included the Independent Shakespeare Company, professors from local universities, and The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Genius Day: Adventures in Deep Learning


In addition to the winter, spring, summer, and fall class sessions, the IEA Academy also offers Genius Day several times throughout the year. This single-day, intensive learning opportunity allows students to spend a full day working with an expert in the field, immersed in the study of a person who is considered a genius. Past Genius Days have focused on Shakespeare, Galileo, and Darwin, and have taken place at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California.

To be notified when information about future Genius Days becomes available sign up for our email list below and indicate an interest in Academy.

Academy Mini Lectures

Offered throughout the year, Academy Mini Lectures provide students and their families with an opportunity to hear a wide-range of short talks from researchers regarding their research interests.  By listening to these educational, and often motivational, talks we hope to create a platform where students can imagine their future selves and envision potential educational prospects. Past Mini Lecture topics include “Exploring Exoplanets: What Do We Know About Planets in Other Solar Systems”, “The Wonderful World of Robots: From Earth to Space”, and “From Antarctica to Japan: A Chemist Explores the Diversity of Life on Earth”.

To be notified when information about future Mini Lectures becomes available, sign up for our email list below and indicate an interest in Academy.



Tuition may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or check.

Discounts for multiple classes are for classes taken by a single student in the same session and do not apply across sessions.

Scholarships are available for families in need. To inquire about financial assistance, please contact us at academy@educationaladvancement.org.


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