IEA’s Speaking Engagements are designed to meet the needs of diverse groups of people seeking information on issues related to gifted youth and gifted education.

Whether speaking to a small group of concerned parents or a large team of professionals, our expert speakers customize their presentations to meet the needs of their audience.

Example topics of Speaking Engagements include:

  • Characteristics of the gifted child
  • Social and emotional needs of the gifted child
  • Academic options for the gifted child
  • Parenting the gifted child
  • Academic and personal resources for the gifted child

Individuals attending the presentation will receive a packet of information related to the presentation topic(s).

The fee schedule for Speaking Engagements is as follows:

$450 for a one-hour presentation
$150 for each additional hour
Payment plans may be arranged.

IEA has experts on all topics related to helping gifted children thrive. To find out more about topics and experts, or to schedule a speaker, click below.

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