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A Caroline D. Bradley Scholar is a young student who excels academically, displays a genuine quest for knowledge, thrives in the discovery process, is a leader among peers, and embraces the ideals of integrity, service, and honesty. CDB targets exceptionally gifted young people who seek a rigorous, diversified high school program but need assistance finding or attending the appropriate learning environment that will help them work towards and achieve their full potential. Through a highly selective, in-depth portfolio application and interview process, CDB annually identifies exceptional middle school students from across the country who best meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates exceptional academic ability and achievement
  • Has scored in the 97th percentile or above – or scored as “Advanced” – in one or more of the major academic areas of school-administered, nationally-normed standardized test for the past two years
  • Submit Upper Level SSAT Test Scores
  • Strives for excellence and continually seeks more rigorous academic challenges
  • Demonstrates leadership abilities
  • Exhibits creative thinking
  • Is extremely curious and has a thirst for knowledge
  • Exhibits a passion for learning
  • Is highly motivated
  • Embraces the merits of integrity and honesty
  • Demonstrates a high level of maturity and a strong sense of self
  • Seeks an accelerated, diversified high school program
  • Is a U.S. citizen who is going to attend a high school program based in the U.S.




  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen who resides in the United States of America. While the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship is merit-based, it targets those exceptionally gifted young people who need assistance finding the optimal high school environment or may experience other challenges (both external and internal to the applicant) that prohibit attending an appropriate school.
  • As with all IEA programs, the scholarship committee does not discriminate with regard to race, culture, socioeconomic background, gender, geography, or educational background. Scholars are identified for both their academic ability and personal character.
  • Caroline D. Bradley Scholars are expected to maintain strong academic standing and demonstrate behavior that is reflective of their personal best. Each Scholar enters into a contractual agreement with IEA detailing his or her commitment to a high level of academic and personal performance. In addition, each recipient is expected to provide ongoing feedback to IEA regarding his or her experiences, goals, and aspirations as well as diligently report any problems or areas that require additional support or advocacy.

Selection Process


All applicants must submit an application by April 6th, 2022. See Application for a detailed description of all application materials. Applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee, after which Finalists will be identified and participate in a personal interview. Finally, the IEA Scholarship Team will select up to 30 Caroline D. Bradley Scholars for the 2021 year.


Current Scholars


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