FAQs | Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship


Q. I just heard about the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, but I’m in the eighth grade. Can I still apply?
A. Only current seventh graders are eligible to apply for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship. We select the Scholars early in September of their eighth grade year and work with the Scholars and their families to help them throughout the high school application process.


Q. Do I have to take the ACT or SAT Reasoning Test? I thought only high school students take those tests.
A. Yes, all applicants are required to submit scores for either the ACT or SAT Reasoning Test. While most students take this test in high school, it is common practice among Talent Search organizations to require ACT or SAT testing. Because these tests establish a higher “ceiling” than most grade-level tests, they provide a more objective standard by which a student’s advanced abilities and strengths may be understood. Both tests are appropriate measures to gage above-level knowledge and experience and provide an accurate summary of the student’s academic aptitude.


Q. If I am awarded a Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, must I attend one of the high schools listed on your website?
A. No. The list of schools in our registration materials is made up of schools our Scholars have attended. Our Scholarship Administrator will assist the family in choosing a school or program that best meets the individual student’s needs and goals which are re-evaluated and assessed throughout the four years the Scholar is enrolled in the CDB program.


Q. Why are there no schools from my state on your list?
A. Each year since the inception of the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship in 2002, we have added new states in which students would be eligible for the Scholarship, gradually increasing the scope of our search for Scholars. The Scholarship is now offered in all 50 states.


Q. I already attend a private or parochial school that goes through high school. May I choose to remain there if I am selected as a Caroline D. Bradley Scholar?
A. It is certainly possible to remain at your current school for high school. We do ask all of the Caroline D. Bradley Scholars to research and consider other high schools to broaden their horizons and apply to other high schools in addition to the school they currently attend. At the end of the application process, the Scholar, the Scholar’s family, and Scholarship Administrators will agree on the best high school fit.


Q. Can the Scholarship be used at a boarding school?
A. Yes, the Scholarship can be used toward a boarding school but only covers day student tuition. The room and boarding components of the school’s costs, as well as any/all other fees (textbooks, lab materials, medical, laundry, travel) must be covered by the Scholar’s family or another source, such as financial aid directly from the school.


Q. May I submit more than two letters of recommendation?
A. No. Two recommendations are required, and we ask that all applicants please limit your recommendations to the two we ask for. One should be an academic recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor or advisor who knows you, and the other should be a non-academic recommendation from a coach or professional who has worked with or taught you outside of school (i.e., instrumental music, performing arts, sports, martial arts, debate, or other personal interest or extracurricular activities). Reminder: Each 3-part recommendation consists of a completed form, a checklist and a letter.


Q. My middle school does not offer standardized testing. Can I still apply for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship?
A. Yes. For students who are homeschooled or attend a school that does not administer standardized tests, please submit any supplemental academic or ability assessments administered within the past two years, if available. You will be required to take the ACT or SAT, whether or not you have taken any other standardized tests.


Q. Do I have to be a United States citizen to apply for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship?
A. Yes, you must be a United States citizen who plans to attend a high school program based in the United States to apply for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship.


Q. Can elements of the application be submitted separately?
A. No. We ask that all elements (with the exception of SAT and ACT scores) be compiled into one packet and submitted to IEA by the applicant. Once the applicant submits their online application, no further changes can be made.