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Yunasa FAQs

Q: What is psychosynthesis? 
A: Each child is placed in a psychosynthesis group with one of the Yunasa Fellows or Senior Fellows, and they spend time together each day in a structured psychosynthesis session. Psychosynthesis is a mode of psychology developed by Roberto Assagioli, MD, whose studies focused on the personality and soul; he emphasized the importance of integrating the unconscious with the rational, conscious mind, aiming to discover spiritual insight, identify heightened creativity, and achieve self-actualization. While different methods and techniques to employ psychosynthesis have been developed, Yunasa Fellows and Senior Fellows engage campers in guided visualizations meant to promote mindfulness and presence, support calmness, inspire imagination, develop creativity, and establish balance in mind, body, and spirit. The exercises are hinged on concentration, timing, and a focus on each breath. Psychosynthesis serves as a tool to decrease anxiety and calm a busy mind.


Q: What is Heart of the Matter?

A: A Heart of the Matter session is scheduled once for each psychosynthesis group during the week of Yunasa. Individual groups meets with Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden, licensed psychologist and Yunasa Senior Fellow for an hour-and-a-half period in which campers discuss struggles, worries, concerns, and victories from the past year. Heart of the Matter is not a therapy session, and issues of health and safety are typically not discussed. However, Dr. Gatto-Walden clearly communicates that campers are welcome and encouraged to approach her or any Fellow, counselor, or IEA staff member if they have serious problems or concerns with which they need help.


Q: My child has specific dietary needs. Does Yunasa offer special meals?

A: Yes. As you fill out your enrollment documents, please provide details regarding your child’s dietary requirements. Not only do both Yunasa and Yunasa West offer gluten-free and vegetarian items at every meal, we are able to provide meal options for vegan campers, children with food allergies, and campers whose medication schedule requires certain foods at certain times.


Q: What is Elder Chat?

A: Cross-generational interaction is an important element of Yunasa, and each Yunasa Fellow and Senior Fellow has an interesting story to share. During Elder Chat, one of the Fellows talks about his or her life, and campers are given the opportunity to ask questions.


Q: What is ‘Call in Directions’?

A: Every morning before breakfast, campers congregate in a circle and participate in Call in the Directions, a Native American tradition. The entire group stands facing each direction – North, South, East, and West – and acknowledges specific blessings in nature and life. Call in the Directions sets a tone of gratitude and unity as each new day begins at Yunasa.


Q. What is a typical day at Yunasa?
A. For an example of a typical day at Yunasa, click here.


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