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IEA offers opportunities to those interested in working with highly motivated, gifted youth. Volunteers share the IEA mission to provide an engaging, safe environment where students can grow, learn, and explore and where volunteers can make a difference in the lives of highly able youth.

IEA thrives on volunteer support to help our programs run, and we enlist the involvement of more than 40 volunteers each year. Here are some ways you can get involved:

• Teach an Academy class

• Become an EXPLORE Mentor

• Serve on the IEA Board

• Provide administrative assistance in the IEA office

• Spread the word about the needs of gifted youth

• Share IEA’s programs with educators, parents, gifted youth, and leaders in your community

• Write a guest post for the IEA blog

• Speak at an IEA event or parent meeting


Please help support IEA and gifted children today