G/T/N Awareness Week • Institute for Educational Advancement

Problem-Based Learning 101:
Using the Power of Stories to Engage Students in Problem-Solving

About The Presenter

Dr. Shelagh A. Gallagher’s career in gifted education spans 30 years, with positions including teacher, Research Assistant (Duke TIP), Director of Research and Assessment (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy), grant manager (William & Mary Center for Gifted Education), team member founding two gifted schools, and 13 years as professor, researcher, writer, and Javits grant director (UNC Charlotte). Today she conducts research, provides professional development, recruits gifted teachers for academic programs in China (DDC), and contributes to state and national policy initiatives. She mentors in a 4th-grade reading program and spend summers with gifted youth at Camp Yunasa. Throughout, Shelagh has been active in NAGC, missing one convention since 1986. Her roles in NAGC include: Convention Program Committee, Convention Task Force (co-chair), two Local Arrangement Committees (subcommittee chair), Development Committee (chair), Javits-Frasier Scholars program, two Secondary Task Forces (chair once), Assessment Task Force, and editor of Quest (Research and Evaluation newsletter).


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