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The Institute for Educational Advancement’s mission is to ensure that each gifted child’s specific needs are met so that they can reach their full intellectual and personal potential. Through various advertising opportunities, you can help support IEA’s mission and increase your brand’s visibility nationwide!


Any resources listed in our content guide, highlighted on our newsletter or featured on our blog are also listed on IEA’s Gifted Resource Center. GRC is a free public tool created and curated by IEA and serves as an online database of resources appropriate for gifted and advanced learners from Preschool through High School. With over 800 resources and 1,500 views monthly, the GRC is continuously growing!

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Option 1: Content Guide

($100-250 dependent on ad size)

IEA’s complimentary content guide provides a printable, comprehensive list featuring educational opportunities, schools, professionals, and other resources appropriate for gifted and advanced learners in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Our guides have been downloaded by over 500 families nationwide and are distributed during Gifted Support Group meetings to parents and educators. 


Place an ad positioned in between the pages of the content guide. Your listing includes a 50 word description, website homepage link, and logo. We’ll also spotlight your organization or product by highlighting it on the page, see sample below. 


 1/8 page1/4 Page1/2 PageFull Page
Website LinkXXXX
50 Word DescriptionX
100 Word DescriptionX



Option 2: E-Newsletter



Once a month, IEA features a resource on our e-newsletter which reaches 6,600 local and national constituents. Only one product or service will be featured every month and advertisers can select their month of preference on a first-come, first-served basis.  

You listing includes your logo, a direct link to your website homepage, and a 50 word description of your organization and/or latest product/service offering. 







Option 3: Blog Post



Once a month, IEA will release a “Featured Resources” of 10 recommended resources on our blog, which averages over 13,500 views a month. Topics covered include Advocacy, Articles and Media, Gifted Programs and Services, Schools, Scholarships and Competitions and Twice-Exceptional (2E). There are also opportunities for continued reposting of featured resources on IEA’s Facebook and Twitter pages which has over 7,200 followers.


Your listing includes a 50 word description of your organization and/or latest product/service offering and a direct link to your website’s homepage.






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