Giving Thanks

November 22, 2016

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we would like to take a few minutes to give thanks to our IEA community.

Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who devote their time and resources to help IEA run smoothly. From organizing files in the office to speaking at a Gifted Support Group meeting to assisting with one of our special events, our volunteers are essential and their contributions are immeasurable. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

Thank you to everyone who has donated this year. Your support is essential to ensuring every gifted child has the chance to reach their full potential.  Financial gifts, both big and small, allow us to provide programming, materials and services to gifted students, parents and teachers. A special thank you to those who sponsored our Let’s Connect Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction:

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Thank you to everyone who has shared information about our work, passed on a blog post and/or helped us advocate for gifted children. You are helping us build a brighter future for gifted students across the country.

Finally, thank you to all the gifted children who inspire us with their creativity, perseverance, ingenuity and passion for learning. We hope we have enriched your lives as much as you have ours.

Thank you to everyone who has supported IEA this year!

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