Just Released: Your Downloadable Guide to Scholarships & Competitions for Gifted Youth

February 6, 2018

As parents and educators of gifted children know all too well, finding resources to meet the needs of these gifted learners can be difficult. Enter the Gifted Resource Center (GRC), which IEA created as a one-stop source of information for the gifted community. A free public tool curated by IEA, the GRC serves as an online database of resources appropriate for the gifted learner from preschool through high school.

The GRC contains an abundance of easily searchable resources on how to advocate for gifted education, what gifted programs and schools are available, where to find supplemental learning opportunities, who can provide testing and counseling  and how to meet the needs of the twice-exceptional (2e) learner. The team at IEA strives to provide students, their families and educators with the most relevant and updated information.

One of the most popular sections of the GRC is the “Scholarships and Competitions” section. That’s why we compiled this online resource into a handy, downloadable Scholarships and Competitions Guide. This guide contains over 100 resources, organized by geography and indexed by topic and/or academic subject.

This free guide, which includes all of the resources found in the online Scholarship and Competitions section of the GRC, provides an invaluable offline compilation for students, parents, educators and others who work with gifted children. Download your free copy today!