Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

December 26, 2018

Here were the Institute for Educational Advancement’s top blog posts in 2018:

How to Prepare to Apply for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship
An explanation of what it means to be highly sensitive, as well as a summary of the many pros and some cons of being a HSP.


Why Are So Many Gifted Children Also Highly Sensitive?
An explanation of what it means to be highly sensitive, as well as a summary of the many pros and some cons of being a HSP.



websites for gifted kidsTen Websites for Gifted Kids
We asked our community what websites for gifted kids they recommend. Here are ten of the top suggestions. Tell us what you’d add!



25 Movies About Gifted Kids25 of Our Favorite Gifted Kid Movies
Our social media community and the IEA staff weighed in on their favorite movies featuring gifted children and young adults.


Overthinking: When Your Mind Won’t Turn Off
Overthinking plagues many of us, especially gifted kids. We share the science behind overthinking and some ways to try and combat it.



Scavenger HuntsBenefits of Scavenger Hunts
We had fun celebrating National Scavenger Hunt Day! Learn about the wide-ranging benefits of scavenger hunts, from fun to educational, in today’s blog post.


Should My Gifted Child Skip a Grade?
Should your gifted child skip a grade? We examine the pros and cons of grade acceleration, as well as alternative options.



child activistsChild Activists: Ten Stories About Inspirational Kids
Stories of ten child activists from around the world who fought for what they believed in, to inspire children and adults alike.



Diversity and Gifted ChildrenDiversity and Gifted Children: Are We Doing Enough?
There is a need for new strategies in identifying gifted students of diverse cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all gifted children.


Grit and Giftedness: Four Ways to Encourage Perseverance in Gifted Children
Can grit and giftedness go together? IEA Program Assistant Nicole Endacott shares four ways you can encourage resilience in your gifted child.


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