Why We Love Academy

January 9, 2018

It’s always a joy to watch our Academy students be challenged by the enrichment classes we offer, ranging from Kitchen Chemistry to Myths and Monsters. Academy allows the gifted students we serve engage with a community of peers and return home eager to talk about what new things they learned. We asked our Academy community how they feel about the program and here is what they said:


What fascinating things did you learn?

“Who doesn’t want to learn about the water bear which can survive being frozen or boiled! And I also learned a lot about the causes of natural disasters. It’s a really interesting class!”

“I am [now] able to distinguish the traits of Cenozoic animals. Nothing could make this class better – the class is too amazing!”

“I [learned] how to code and where to hook up wires and electronics. My favorite activity so far was making games with LCD!”

Did you feel challenged by your classes?

“{With] only two other people in the class, we were able to learn more. I felt that I was in an environment with kids like me. This allowed me to be more challenged.”

“It was more challenging, but in a good way. I am not challenged at all in school and it becomes very boring. But here, I am constantly engaged and it was fun.”

“It challenged us to mold our ideas into something instead of putting them aside.”

“It challenged me to build things that I haven’t built before. When something didn’t work I had to fix it and try to make my structure better.”

What was your favorite part about Academy?

“I felt part of a group of kids who are just like me and I want to feel that feeling again!”

“They told me why here, but at my other school they just say, ‘Do this!’”

“This is the first math class I ever had that wasn’t boring!”

“I am able to assemble, have my own ideas, and execute them.”


What has your child taken away from Academy that will promote life-long learning?

“My son enjoyed the class so thoroughly it’s difficult to pinpoint the most valuable aspect. He plans to become a wildlife conservationist in the future so the knowledge gained from the class will be very useful.”

“She found the class to be very fun and interesting and she liked the hands on projects. It nurtured her interest in an area that she may not have discovered on her own.”

“My daughter has learned so much at IEA, but most importantly she learned that learning can be enjoyable. She looks forward to all her IEA classes and runs to the front door every time.”

Does your child look forward to Academy classes?

“We have tried other science camps and classes that wasn’t the right fit for our daughter. The World of Science was the perfect balance of difficulty, challenge, fun and education. Thank you!”

“The classes at the Academy have been rigorous and challenging and yet creative and extremely fun for my son.”

 “My son looks forward all week long to being engaged, inspired and learning the mysteries of the universe in his classes at IEA. Each Saturday is like Christmas morning.”

“My son is academically-inclined and enjoys school, but he LOVES attending Academy Courses. The courses are didactic but also very discussion-based, and he thrives in a setting where he can interact with others sharing- and challenging each other with ideas within a wonderfully supportive and caring environment. He loves IEA!”

What does your child tell you about Academy?

“After one of his classes, my son came out saying, ‘That was awesome. I love it!’ There is nothing else he would rather do than go to IEA class and I am so grateful.”

“After the first day of class, my son came home and said, ‘It’s scary. It’s like they know me!’ From that day forward, I could tell Ryan felt comfortable and understood at IEA. By the last class, he was exuberant.”

“We were driving in the car last week and Annie remarked from the back, ‘You know your hippocampus is very important. It is where you make memories. I am using my hippocampus right now!’ Clearly, at least some the anatomy lessons stuck!”


What is your favorite thing about teaching at Academy?

“I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to teach what I learned in college and graduate school to such a young audience. I learned to never underestimate the students at IEA.  It’s truly unimaginable what things they can accomplish!”

“It was very rewarding. The students were very excited about the subject matter and commented frequently on how much they enjoyed the class.”

“The students were so ready to learn and create, it was a pleasure to work with them. Everyone said they wish the class was longer so that they could continue it.”

Did that get you pumped about Academy? Join us this session! Apply by January 12th to learn web coding, algebraic chemistry, scriptwriting and more.

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