May 21, 2022

Last fall, we talked about breathing techniques to help calm a child’s overactive mind. Today, I would like to introduce a few yoga poses with a similar calming effect. Because gifted children tend to receive stimuli more intensely, (Pyne, 2015) it is essential to find ways to connect the mind, body, and spirit to help ground them and give them tools to focus and relax. The yoga poses listed below are just a few that help relax the central nervous system by bringing the head below the heart or an inversion. Inversions help release tension, promote better circulation, and calm the mind and body by stimulating increased blood flow throughout the body. If you or your child have medical concerns consult with a doctor before trying yoga. 

Child’s Pose

Bring your toes to touch, separate your knees, extend your fingertips forward as you relax your forehead to the floor.

 Added Benefits

Opens hips and spine

Forward Fold

Separate your feet about hips width apart, hinge your torso from your hips, allow your head and arms to hang heavy. Bring the weight forward to our toes and place a gentle bend in your knees.

 Added Benefits

Stretches the hamstrings and back line of the body

Downward Facing Dog

Keep feet hips width apart and hands shoulders width apart, press your hips toward the ceiling as you encourage your chest towards your thighs.

 Added Benefits:

Stretches the hamstrings and strengths the upper body