Yoga Routines for Kids

June 21, 2016

Yoga has been proven to have many benefits for both the mind and body. In addition to toning muscles and improving overall physical health, yoga helps reduce stress, manage anxiety and calm a restless mind. These mental benefits are particularly useful for gifted kids, whose overexcitabilities can lead them to become overwhelmed easily. In celebration of the International Day of Yoga, here a few yoga routines beneficial for kids.

5 Kids Yoga Poses for Self-Regulation at Home or Classroom

Move with Me shared a routine aimed at helping kids keep calm and reset their mind-body state. Gifted children can sometimes get overwhelmed by their emotions easier than others. This sequence can be useful for squashing those out-of-control feelings before they turn into a full blown meltdown.

Bedtime Yoga for Kids for a Good Night’s Sleep

This bedtime routine from Gaiam helps calm the mind and let go of the day’s stress before sleep, leading to a more restful night. Restful sleep is key for maximizing concentration during the day and helping bright minds focus.

Managing Big Emotions Through Movement

Childhood 101 not only shared instructions for a routine aimed at helping children stay calm, they also provided a handy free downloadable poster to hang on your child’s wall. They suggest hanging the poster in a “calm zone” where it will be easily visible when they feel overwhelmed.

A Kids Yoga Sequence That Teaches Gratitude

This routine from Mind Body Green intends to teach children how to be grateful for things in everyday life. It begins with each participant sharing something they are grateful for and then moves through a series of poses that encourage reflective thinking.

5-Minute-a-Day Yoga Routine for Kids

Also from Gaiam, this simple routine can be done daily to incorporate the practice of yoga into your gifted child’s life. It is easy to adapt to any skill level and fit into whatever chunk of time you can dedicate.

What are your favorite kid-friendly yoga poses?

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