American Education Week 2017

November 14, 2017

by Nicole Endacott, Program Assistant

Happy American Education Week! Every year, American Education Week celebrates individuals and organizations that ensure every child receives a quality education. Whether you are a parent, student, educator, or other supporter of learning, there are things you can do to honor those making a difference in the lives of students from all backgrounds. At IEA, we will be celebrating this week by gearing up for our Awards Dinner this Friday, where we will honor three local stars of gifted education. This event also helps us raise funds that will go toward scholarships, professional development, teaching resources, and other areas that increase the quality and accessibility of the programs we offer. This year, American Education Week is focused on honoring high-quality public schools and individuals that make them great (like two of our honorees, Jason and Sandy Roberts). However, regardless of your educational background or involvement, there are numerous ways you can participate this week to recognize excellence in education!

Here are ideas of ways you can celebrate American Education Week:

  • Post on social media about someone who made a difference to your or your child’s education using the hashtag #AEW2017. (If the person is part of IEA, tag us or use the hashtag #IEAgifted to make sure we see it!)
  • Parents, ask your kids different questions about their school day: What do you wish you learned more about? What does your teacher do that helps you learn at your best?
  • Students, thank your parents or other adults who have spent time searching out programs that fit your specific interests and needs. Be open with your parents about your school day and specific ways they can help you achieve your learning goals.
  • Donate to IEA so we can continue to offer scholarships that guarantee no child is ever turned away from our programs for financial reasons.
  • Show your appreciation for an Education Support Professional – this includes office administrators, cafeteria staff, counselors, bus drivers, janitors, and others who keep schools and education centers running at their best in behind-the-scenes ways.
  • Thank someone personally for the work they do in increasing access to quality education: this could be a policymaker in your area, an individual here at IEA, or someone else you know.
  • Think about the opportunity for impact you possess, and then use it! You may be able to advocate for policy changes in your public school district, donate supplies or electronics to a program in need, or recommend IEA’s services to a newly identified gifted student in your child’s class.

However you choose to support the mission of American Education Week, thank you for doing so! Even after this week ends, continue to keep your eyes open for ways to guarantee all children receive an excellent education. All of us at IEA will be doing the same!

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