Giving Thanks 2017

November 21, 2017

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’d like to take a few minutes to give thanks to our IEA community!

Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who devote their time and resources to support IEA’s programs and services. Whether it’s helping decorate our new learning space, facilitating a Gifted Support Group meeting or assisting with one of our special events, our volunteers help us provide quality programming to gifted students all over the country. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity in giving your time to our organization.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to IEA financially this year. Your support is essential to ensuring every gifted child has the resources to reach their full potential. Financial gifts of all sizes allow us to provide programming, materials and services to gifted students, as well as their parents and teachers. A special thank you to those who sponsored our Awards Dinner & Celebration:

Jason & Sandy Roberts
Seoung Jin An & Ha Yeon
Peter & Jennifer Burke
Dennis & Nancy Finnerman
McDonell Family
Hap Deneen & Jennifer Yount
Hahn & Hahn
Becky & Peter Knell
Seong Sik Jeon & Joo Eun Bae
Licher Printing & Mailing
Chris & Abby Newman

Thank you to everyone who has shared information about our programs and services, contributed a blog post and helped us advocate for gifted children. You are building a brighter future for gifted students across the country.

Finally, thank you to all the gifted children who inspire us daily with their passion, creativity, ingenuity and readiness to learn and be challenged. You are the reason we continue to work diligently to provide a space for intellectual, creative and personal growth.

Thank you to everyone who has supported IEA this year!

Would you like to support IEA? Make a contribution today! Gifts of all sizes are welcome and appreciated.

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