Fall Opportunities for Gifted Youth

July 9, 2019

By Rachel Hanks, IEA Administrative Assistant  

It’s hard to believe it’s already July! With the summer flying by, it’s never too early to start thinking about fall activities. Whether your child is looking to expand their resume, find a hobby or make new friends, the extracurricular activities listed below can serve as great opportunities for all.

  • Arts: ngst.org recommends gifted children partake in musical or artistic activities for a few different reasons. Artistic and creative pursuits can build problem-solving skills, provide a safe environment for socializing and relieve stress.


  • Sports: Exercise is known to have a multitude of physical and emotional benefits. For a gifted child, physical activity can provide a break from rigorous academics and aid in social development. However, it’s important when choosing a sport to consider the physical, emotional and social challenges that might apply to your child. To read more about some of these challenges and how to choose a sport for your gifted child, check out this article.


  • Service activities: Volunteer and service opportunities are a fantastic way to teach your child how to give back to the community. Additionally, according to familyeducation.com, clubs and colleges often look for volunteer experience when reviewing a student’s application for admission.


  • IEA Academy: IEA Academy provides exceptionally creative learning opportunities that encourage in-depth exploration of topics outside of the typical school curriculum. Classes cover a wide variety of STEM, arts and humanities topics, often taught through an interdisciplinary lens.


  • Yunasa: Geared toward the unique needs of gifted children, while offering all the enjoyment of a traditional summer sleep-away camp, Yunasa provides a combination of traditional camp activities and special workshops designed specifically to help gifted children learn more about themselves as they develop greater awareness and self-acceptance. While this isn’t a fall activity, it’s never too early to start thinking about registering your child for Yunasa 2020. Be sure to not miss the opening of Yunasa 2020 application by registering for IEA’s newsletter.


  • Academic competitions: Academic competitions like spelling bees and quiz bowls can serve as an opportunity for your child to expand their knowledge in a subject of interest. Parents.com also suggests that competitive activities can prepare children for the inevitable wins and losses that occur throughout life while also helping them develop self-esteem and tenacity.


  • I[d]EA Day: IEA is hosting an exciting new event this Fall in Pasadena! I[d]EA Day is built to inspire our next generation of innovators. Over light bites and drinks, become a part of the IEA network while gaining exclusive access to local STEAM professionals and experts in gifted education. Click here to learn more about I[d]EA day! 


For more extracurricular activity suggestions, check out the Gifted Resource Center on our website!





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