Spring 2012 Academy Highlights

May 29, 2012

Another successful session of our Academy classes has concluded, so we thought we would share a few photos and highlights from the Spring 2012 session.

In a new class this session, Biochemistry students learned about the chemistry of living organisms. Scientists Like Me II introduced students to even more influential scientists and their work. Returning favorites included Games & Theory – where students explored the math, economics, and social science behind games from tic-tac-toe to chess – and General Chemistry.

Games & Theory Class
The Games & Theory class taking a moment from their games to smile for the camera
Chemistry III: Biochemistry students
A couple of smiling faces from the Chemistry III: Biochemistry class
General Chemistry students
Chemistry I: General Chemistry students gather around an experiment

All of these courses – along with other challenging and hands-on courses like Rocket to Calculus, Astronomy, and Playwriting– will be offered over the summer!

Academy provides young students working at the 2nd-8th grade levels with challenging enrichment classes that focus on exploration and application of knowledge. The two Summer 2012 sessions will run from June 18 to July 6 and July 16 to August 2. Register today!

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