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A co-educational school for age 3 through grade 12, deeply rooted in Quaker values. AFS is a culture of intellectual and creative ambition.

AcademyACL is a K-8 public charter school in the Pikes Peak region. They provide an academic home for advanced & creative learning, and a place for unusually advanced, gifted skills to flourish. Their gifted education specialty uses a higher degree of difficulty and more complex curriculum designed for academically gifted learners.

Academy Hill School provides an intellectual, principled, creative, and enriching foundation for gifted and high-potential students to become the next visionaries, innovators, and leaders.

Accelerated Academics, Inc. provides a variety of online services for students with high intellectual and/or creative abilities and talents. Services include three enrollment options; development of individualized learning plan (ILP); Honors Math courses; independent project based learning and enrichment options; and consulting, guidance and parental support.

Accelerated High School (AHS) is a challenging program and an excellent indicator of college readiness. All AHS students are required to meet all Dietrich School course requirements, including extensive inside and outside of class assignments. The University has high expectations for its students to have academic maturity and independence, and AHS encourages students to seek advice to determine if they are ready for the challenge of college courses. Once admitted through AHS, a student can enroll in a maximum of six credits per term as a part-time, non-matriculated student in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences while continuing his or her high school education. AHS students are subject to the same policies and regulations as all other Dietrich School undergraduates.

ACCESS Academy is an alternative, accelerated program for highly gifted students in 1st through 8th grade, located in Portland, Oregon. A vibrant, supportive community of 350 gifted learners, ACCESS Academy provides curriculum acceleration and enrichment options, including a flexible program design to meet students’ needs based on ability level rather than chronological age or grade.

ACE Academy is a private, independent school for gifted students in Austin, Texas. ACE offers classes for students from Kindergarten through middle school in flexible groupings and combines strong, integrated academic curriculum with a global outlook. They are dedicated to bringing gifted students together with one another and with teachers who are passionate about giftedness and creativity.

Achieve Virtual Academy offers online learning for gifted and talented students, providing opportunities to advance that may not be available elsewhere. This online high school offers gifted and talented students numerous challenging courses and higher-level learning opportunities across a variety of academic subjects.

Acton Academy is one of America’s most innovative schools, with over 30+ locations worldwide. Based on the principles of the Socratic method and experiential, hands-on learning, Acton Academy is a one-room schoolhouse offering two educational environments serving students in grades 1 – 5 in the Elementary school and grades 6 – 12 in the Middle and High schools. You can learn more about Acton Academy and their unique approach to education in this article through Forbes Magazine.

Alverno Heights Academy is an independent, Catholic, TK-12 school for girls and boys in TK-8 and a college preparatory school for young women in grades 9-12. The academy is dedicated to preparing students to function in a society as informed, knowledgeable persons, who have the requisite skills to make and implement mature decisions about complex problems.

The Alzar School offers academic semesters for motivated high school sophomores and juniors. These semesters immerse students in a rigorous, challenging educational setting that emphasizes leadership training.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Anderson Private School for the Gifted, Talented and Creative LLC was established to enhance the diverse gifts, talents, and creativity of highly able children. Anderson Private School is fully accredited by AdvanceED. Anderson School provides an educational setting where precocious children have an opportunity to participate with their intellectual peers in challenging creative, academic, aesthetic, and social endeavors. Anderson School enrolls only gifted, talented, and creative children and is co-educational, nonsectarian and open to qualified children of all faiths and ethnicity.

Arete Academy of Exceptional Education is committed to partnering with students, parents and the community to provide a nurturing environment for gifted students who learn differently. At Arete, each student’s unique gifts are recognized and celebrated, and their learning differences are accepted and supported. Students experience a sense of belonging and build self-esteem through programming focused on strength-based learning, flexibility, educational technology and a commitment to embracing the whole child. Arete Academy strives to meet each student’s academic, social and emotional needs, encouraging them to reach their full potential and apply their gifts to make lasting contributions to their community.

ASMSA is one of only sixteen public, residential high schools nationwide which specializes in the education of gifted and talented students who have an interest and aptitude for mathematics and science. Created in 1991 by an act of the Arkansas Legislature, ASMSA is one of the nation’s top secondary schools for gifted students. Application is open to any sophomore student who resides in the state of Arkansas. ASMSA offers an innovative and challenging curriculum with courses such as Robotics, Quantum Mechanics, Immunology, Graphic Design, Documentary Films, and Artificial Intelligence. All curriculum is designed to promote creative thinking and problem solving.

Arroyo Pacific Academy is a four-year private, independent, coeducational, college preparatory high school located in Arcadia, California. It is a learning institution where academic attainment has the highest priority within a learning environment that is supportive and encouraging. Gifted middle school students enrolled at a local school, online school, or who are home-schooled, may apply to take advantage of the Academy’s individual courses, including AP courses.  Generally this opportunity is granted only to students whose parents have met with a counselor familiar with gifted student needs, and who have support from their parents and current school.  The Academy recognizes the needs of those advanced students who are ready for a greater challenge than the standard grade level content may offer.

Since 2003, the Art of Problem Solving online school has provided a unique learning experience carefully designed for outstanding students interested in studying online. AoPS offers a full math curriculum for middle and high school, introductory programming courses, and specialty courses to prepare students for particular math and science competitions. The Art of Problem Solving Online School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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