Should My Gifted Child Skip a Grade?

by Nicole LaChance, Marketing & Communications Coordinator  It’s a question almost every parent of a gifted child struggles with at some point: should my child skip a grade (or more)? […]

My Child is Gifted. Now What?

IEA hosts monthly Gifted Child Parent Support Group meetings throughout the school year. These meetings are intended to provide support and community in the midst of the joys and challenges […]

“College at 13” Book Review

Institute for Educational Advancement - Connecting bright minds; nurturing intellectual and personal growth

By Kate Duey Kate Duey is a private college counselor serving gifted students. She has worked with students on traditional schooling paths, home schooled students, community college students and students […]

The Perfect Test

By Lisa Hartwig Lisa is the mother of 3 gifted children and lives outside of San Francisco. At my son’s kindergarten parent/teacher conference, his teacher played a game with my […]

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