Happy Thanksgiving from IEA President Elizabeth Jones

November 26, 2019

Dear Friends and Family of IEA,

With the thanksgiving holiday approaching, we begin to reflect on all that we are grateful for.  As I think about the past year, I remember many wonderful moments and people associated with the Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA).

Whether it was a joyful moment speaking with an excited new Caroline D. Bradley Scholar or a moving conversation with campers at Yunasa, IEA has greatly impacted my journey this year, and I hope it has for you as well. If you are a student, camper, parent, instructor, extern, staff member or volunteer, you understand what it means to be a member of the IEA family: to be seen, understood, enriched and appreciated for your uniqueness. We feel so many of the same emotions and understand the trials and triumphs that come with being a part of the gifted community. We are grateful for you, as your presence in our community has supported IEA on its journey to see, understand, enrich and appreciate almost 10,000 gifted youth across the nation.

As I look back on this past year, I cannot help but also look ahead at all that is to come. On the journey ahead, IEA hopes to serve more students in our Pasadena hometown and beyond. We hope to provide more scholarships to ensure all children have access to IEA’s unique web of support. We hope to enact lasting change through state and national policy initiatives, shedding a brighter light on the needs of the gifted community. However, we need your continued support to turn these hopes into reality. This holiday season, please Join the Journey by donating to IEA.

In my time in the field of gifted education so far, I have learned that anything is possible. This is especially true with the unwavering support of the IEA community. It is because of members like you that I believe the goals we strive for are within reach. With your support, we can create a clear and bright journey ahead where all gifted youth are supported as they reach toward their full intellectual and personal potentials.

With gratitude on this Thanksgiving Holiday,

Elizabeth D. Jones
Co-Founder and President