Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

December 31, 2019

By Ashley Prior, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Thank you so much to all of our blog’s readers. This year we had a record number of visitors and comments on our blog! Here were the Institute for Educational Advancement’s top blog posts in 2019:

Everything You Want to Know About the Inner Workings of the Caroline D. Bradley ScholarshipBonnie Raskin, Scholarship Director, gives our community a glimpse of what it is like to at the helm of the Caroline D. Bradley (CDB) Scholarship program.



 Featured Schools for Gifted Learners: This post features 10 California schools who are also highlighted in IEA’s new Gifted Schools Guide highlighting schools for gifted and advanced students throughout the United States.





Announcing the 2024 Class of Caroline D. Bradley Scholars: This past September, IEA announced the 2024 class of award recipients of the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, a four-year high school scholarship for gifted learners to attend an optimally matched high school program to help them work toward meeting their unique intellectual and personal potential.


Summer Programs for Gifted StudentsIn this post IEA spotlighted a list of fantastic Summer programs that serve gifted youth.



Podcasts for Gifted LearnersPodcasts about Giftedness: A post full of amazing podcast recommendations about gifted learners. These are great resources for parents and educators supporting bright young minds.



Educational Holiday Gift Ideas: There is no shortage of games and puzzles that are intellectually stimulating; Pylos, Quoridor, and the classic Rubik’s Cube are all examples of mentally challenging and fun games. In this post you can find a variety of educational toys and games to consider giving to a gifted child any time of the year!


Surviving the Holidays with Gifted3 Ways Parents Can Engage Gifted Students During the Holiday Break: Gifted children tend to have a strong desire and need for intellectual stimulation, and that need doesn’t go away when schools are closed. In this post are three ways parents can help foster positive social and academic growth during a holiday break.


How IEA Evaluates Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Applications: This blog post walks through every step of the evaluation process for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship.



Why Give to IEA on Giving Tuesday: Development Manager Mavis Bortey-fio shared her most inspiring moments spent with IEA students in honor of this year’s #GivingTuesday campaign.



National Book Month: Featured Gifted Books for Parents and Educators: This post featured great reads for parents and educators focused on best practices and strategies for raising and educating a gifted child. These books are also listed on IEA’s Gifted Resource Center (GRC), which serves as a free online tool created and curated by IEA for our community.


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