The Joy of Giving
Donors are vital to the life of all non-profit organizations and most will agree that their giving is not just about making a donation, but about wanting to make positive difference in the life of an organization they care about.
CDB Reflections on Teammates and Mentors
But then I went a little deeper and I thought of the students who we work with at IEA who are often told to fit into round hole of the education system when they are a square peg and it just doesn’t fit. That is until they find that one teacher or mentor who opens the world of education to them.
Building a Passion for Space
This Fall, the Institute for Educational Advancement's Academy program will be offering a wide variety of classes, including the return of "Space Academy." Designed for students ages 6 through 9, this class lays the foundation for a lifelong interest in space, astronomy and physics. What can parents expect from this course? To find out, we talked in-depth with instructor Cynthia Perez.
Despite the lack of social interaction during shelter-at-home, it took no time for campers to reconnect and find common interests. They were courteous, respectful, considerate, and kind.
Why STEAM Education Is So Important Today
Many educators believe STEAM (and its forerunner STEM) is a critical component of 21st education. “Education is under pressure to respond to a changing world,” education writer Jeevan Vasagar asserts in a Financial Times article. As repetitive tasks are eroded by technology and outsourcing, the ability to solve novel problems has become increasingly vital.”
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