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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

Every year, we like to mark the passage of time by looking back on what we’ve accomplished. At the IEA blog, we aim to provide helpful, informative and insightful reads for our community and beyond. Here are the 10 blog posts that received the most traffic in the year 2021. Happy new year, and happy reading.

The Institute for Educational Advancement Announces 29 Recipients for Nationwide High School Scholarship

The announcement of the latest class of Caroline D. Bradley (CDB) scholars is always a big deal here at IEA, and 2021 was no different. Last year, we announced 29 selections across the United States.

What Goes Into Selecting a Caroline D. Bradley Scholar?

Of course, interest at the very beginning of the CDB process is very high. Almost one full year ago, Bonnie Raskin gave applicants some additional insight about how a scholar is selected. It is sure to be helpful even to 2022 applicants!

Alumni Spotlights

Our bite-sized alumni interviews proved to be very popular. In 2021, you especially liked our features on Valerie Ding, Caitlin Andrews, Sophia Barron and Scott Greenberg!

CDB Class of ’21 – College Plans

When it came to college application season, our CDB Class of 2021 was incredibly successful. Here’s an accounting of where our talented scholars were headed!

Breathing Techniques to Help Calm the Overactive Mind

For those that needed a little help dealing with the year, our very own Nancy Kane used her professional yoga expertise to give some insight on breathing exercises. 

Resource Round-Up: 7 Resources for Gifted Girls

We kicked off Women’s History Month last year with this handy post detailing links parents of gifted girls can check out. It’s got everything from essay contests to summer programs and more!

Understanding Screen Time and Gaming for Gifted Students

A lot of families are, understandably, interested in how video games and screen time can best be fit into their child’s schedule. In this post, we try to add some insight and provide resources for making these decisions.

Comics for Literacy

Comics are a fun, engaging and deep genre of literature. They’re also ideal for children at all reading levels! Here are some reading recommendations we made last year.

How to Frame Praise for Creative Youth

There’s a lot of nuance in how you can give a child praise. In this post, we try to convey and expand upon a lesson learned in How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen by Joanna Faber and Adele King.

Social, Emotional and Mental Well Being Amidst the Pandemic

The pandemic remains top of mind for many of us, and we want the community to know we’re here for support. In this post, we’ve curated a list of resources that might help with coping with the various stresses and uncertainties: podcasts, blogs, books and more. They’re strong resources for all kinds of heightened and tense feelings.

Thanks to everyone for reading our blog in 2021. We’re certain you’ll love what we have in store for the coming year.

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