What Goes Into Selecting a Caroline D. Bradley Scholar?
As the program director for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship with fifteen-plus years selecting and working with the CDB Scholars and families, I’m asked this question more than any other, so I’m here to provide some inside information that you won’t find on High School Confidential or through the grapevine.
Together We Make a Difference
Despite a challenging year, the outstanding IEA team created an online teach and learn platform which made it possible for IEA to remain a vital source of hope, encouragement and knowledge for our students and their families.  Our community remains passionately committed to being there for each of our students and serving their unique needs. 
Virtual Learning Lab: GovLearn- The Cabinet
With the elections behind us, it's a good time to learn about one of the most consequential aspects of the executive branch: the Cabinet of the President. Join Luke Gialanella of GovLearn for an informative video about the history and nature of the cabinet.
The Bradley Seminar – Recap
Once a year, we come together  as a community for three days to discuss and share ideas with like minded peers in a safe and energetic environment.
Happy Gratitude Day
As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday, especially THIS year, it might be helpful to think about different aspects of “Thanksgiving,” including being grateful, generous, and mindful.
Transitioning Into Hybrid Learning: Resources for Parents
Hybrid learning is an educational model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from home. Educators teach remote and in-person students at the same time using tools like video conferencing hardware and software. In some cases, hybrid classes include asynchronous learning elements, like online exercises and pre-recorded video instruction, to support face-to-face classroom sessions. Some schools are preparing to transition from virtual learning to hybrid learning, provided health authorities report that it is safe to return to school in small groups.
I don’t deserve any credit, I just was born this way, to new immigrants, Holocaust survivors just off the boat. We lived in a Bronx tenement. My parents spoke little English, yet I taught myself to read at 3 and was reading on a 12th grade level in the first grade.
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