Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

January 9, 2021

The year 2020 is in the books! Thanks to all of our blog visitors who have read articles, commented and shared. We hope to continue providing valuable insights, closer looks at our community, and fun content throughout the coming 12 months. In case you missed something, here are the top 10 most popular posts from last year:


28 Gifted Learners Receive Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship To Attend Optimally Matched High School Program

The announcement of new Caroline D. Bradley scholars is always an exciting time in the community. Take a trip back to September when the Class of 2025 was first announced.

Virtual Learning Lab: Introduction To Mendelian Genetics

The first iteration of our Virtual Learning Lab is still one of our most popular. Join our very own Nicole Endacott as she dives into the basics of Mendelian Genetics, including dominant and recessive alleles, genotypes and phenotypes and Mendel’s pea plant experiments.

Advice For Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Applicants From A CDB Parent

J. Ruhl is the parent of a 2014 Caroline D. Bradley scholar. In this article, she gives her helpful perspective to help CDB applicants get a better understanding of the landscape.

Virtual Learning Lab: Mathematical Poetry-Fibonacci Numbers And Sequences By Cassidy Kao

Mathematics and poetry tie into each other nicely in this Virtual Learning Lab by Cassidy Kao.  This video introduces Fibonacci Number and Sequence and two types of poems, the “Fib” and “Create Your Own Pattern” poems. 

Virtual Learning Lab: Intro To Special Relativity

Umar Ahmed Badami, CDB Scholar, as he helps newcomers understand physics on the scale of atoms and galaxies. Discuss Einstein’s special relativity and some of its interesting consequences.

Listening, Learning And Taking Action For Social Justice

Back in June, IEA President Elizabeth Jones outlined our organizations commitment to social justice and equality in the aftermath of the latest example of injustice against the Black community.

Helping Gifted Children Understand And Manage Intense Emotions

In a year full of intense global events, it is only natural for intense emotions to arise. Here, we outline some resources and concepts to help families better manage them.

Virtual Learning Lab: Marine Mammals

Learning about sea creatures is fun and easy to do at home with our Virtual Learning Lab on marine mammals. Better understand the sea otters, walruses and porpoises of the world.

Virtual Learning Lab: Introduction To Probability I

What is probability? How is it applicable to our daily lives? In this video, 2023 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar Arul Kolla discusses probability and its mathematical and practical applications.

Spreading Peace – Helping Gifted Children Navigate Covid-19

Early in the year, COVID-19 changed the way our society operated on a daily basis. The crisis continues to this day, and much of the insights provided by our own Jennifer De La Haye still ring true.


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