5 Great Podcasts for Gifted Kids

December 18, 2012

By Jen Mounday

podcastPodcasts are an excellent source of entertainment and challenge; they keep us alert on the commute home, amused while waiting at the doctor’s office and entertained before falling asleep. At IEA, we are discovering that podcasts can also be an excellent alternative source of information for our brightest minds. Plus, we know that your kids, who constantly crave information, are going to be looking for cool things to learn about over the holiday break from school. As our gift to you this holiday season, we present our five favorite podcasts for the gifted child.

1. 60-Second Science
On iTunes            Online

In this podcast, Scientific American provides daily, one-minute commentary on some of the most interesting developments in the field of science.

We recommend:
“Porcupine Quills Inspiring Better Needles”
“Clown Fish Know When to Cry Uncle”
“Elephant Never Forgets to Say Hi”

Full length podcasts of this type are also available at Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American.

2. Astronomy Cast
On iTunes            Online

A facts-based journey through the cosmos while telling the story of astronomy earns this podcast high ratings. Although they haven’t produced a new recording in over a year, Frasier Cane, publisher at Universe Today, and Pamela Gay, professor at Southern Illinois University, have provided enough mental nourishment to last a long, long time.

We recommend:
“Isaac Newton”: A podcast relaying the little-known facts surrounding Newton’s life and extracurricular accomplishments. We learn that Newton had a difficult childhood as a twice-exceptional student. And, in his adult years, he was so committed to an experiment that he jammed a knitting needle into his eye to explain how optics worked!

3. MinutePhysics
On iTunes            On YouTube

This podcast is accurately described as “cool physics and other sweet science—all in a minute!” Not to mention, you’ll be in for a good laugh.

We recommend:
“Usain Bolt vs. Gravity”
“Open Letter to the Universe”
“How Far is a Second?”

4. Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day
On iTunes            Online

Each day, a Merriam-Webster editor offers insight into a fascinating new word—explaining its meaning, current use, and little-known details about its origin. These definitions and roots may surprise you!

We recommend:
“Hypermnesia”: A word that certainly describes some of the gifted students we serve!

5. The Stuff of Genius
On iTunes            Online

Every invention starts out as an idea, and it only takes a bit of genius to make it a reality. “The Stuff of Genius” is a podcast from howstuffworks.com. They describe the inception and process of a particular invention each podcast.

We recommend:
“The Polaroid Camera”
“The Safety Pin”

Although we’ve yet to relish every episode on our favorite podcast list, these are some of the episodes that stood out most to us. Come wander into the rabbit hole of podcast information with us!

Does your child have a favorite podcast? How have podcasts been a source of interest and learning for your family? Please share in the comment section below!

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