5 Reasons I[d]EA Day is Not to Miss!

September 24, 2019

By Mavis Bortey-fio, IEA Development Manager

If you are reading this, that probably means this is not the first time hearing about our exciting fall fundraiser, I[d]EA Day. If, however, you and your family are still on the fence about attending, we present to you a list of five reasons you should absolutely not miss out on this new IEA event!

  1. Prizes, prizes, PRIZES!

You already know you’re a VIP. Purchase opportunity drawing tickets and get treated like a VIP, too! At $5 for one ticket or $20 for five tickets, enter to win VIP access to some of the coolest attractions Los Angeles has to offer!

Engage your creativity at Color Me Mine Studios in Pasadena. Enjoy a night of fellowship and fun for four as you create to your heart’s content! All participants get to take their creative creations home.

Looking to hit the town? Skip the lines at The Broad, a beautifully designed contemporary art museum in DTLA showcasing some of the biggest names in contemporary art. From Basquiat to Kusama, The Broad holds so many treasures within its “vein and vault.”

Live entertainment more your thing? Enjoy access for two at select concerts during the 2019-2020 season at the “home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic:” the Walt Disney Concert Hall! Enjoy music from all over the world in one of LA’s architectural wonders.

If none of these packages spark your fancy, there are plenty more packages from which to choose!

  1. Be Crowned Master of all things STEAM

Ok, so perhaps you won’t be a master after attending I[d]EA Day, but, with our collection of vendors, workshop leaders and exhibitors, you and your family will be well on your way! We have an amazing program poised to inspire attendees young and old to innovate and create.  Don’t miss out – your ticket grants you access to some of the most interesting and truly out-of-the-box minds!

Have a burgeoning builder at home? Bring them to a workshop with Tinkerspace, where participants will learn to manipulate found items into living, moving sculptures. Parents beware – attending this workshop may lead to an influx of cardboard creatures around the house!

Have you ever tried talking to your dog? If you have not but you would like to try, attend a workshop led by Andrew McGregor of Oomvelt, a research firm ridding the world of landmines through interspecies conversation.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – repeat! Visit the Rediscover Center table to imagine your way to new creations using old goods. If you like getting your hands dirty and stretching your imagination, this table is the place for you!

There are plenty more opportunities for kids AND parents to Innovate, Explore, Design and Activate at I[d]EA Day. Check out the event schedule for more info.

  1. Fun, Food and Drink

Did someone say tacos?

All ticket holders get a free taco from Hijo de su Madre, a local business bringing family recipes, culture and color to life in plant-based tacos! Additional food items will be available for purchase.

Special thanks to community sponsors Trader Joes and Congregation Ale House for providing event beverages!

  1. Get in the IEA Know

If you have been looking for a way to plugged in or you are an IEA regular with new questions, I[d]EA Day is a great place to start! IEA staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about all that we offer.  From our programs for uniquely gifted youth, to support for parents and ways to volunteer, there will be plenty of opportunities to get in the know and get connected to the IEA community.

Speaking of community, I[d]EA Day will be a great way to connect with members of the local gifted community. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet other parents, children and community supporters who are passionate about providing uniquely gifted children the resources they need to reach toward their fullest potential. Parents will even have the opportunity to sit down with IEA Board Chair and parent of a gifted child, Jennifer Burke, to talk parenting the gifted. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your network of support and enrichment. After all, IEA gatherings are nothing without YOU.

  1. Give the Gift of Education

Did you know? 85 cents of every dollar donated to IEA goes directly to providing programs and services for gifted youth.

All proceeds raised from I[d]EA Day go right back into the community we serve, ensuring all children, gifted included, are given the tools they need to work toward actualizing their intellectual and personal potential. So, buy a ticket! And if you cannot attend I[d]EA Day, give the gift of education to gifted youth by donating or volunteering today!

We hope to see you on October 6th for a day of food, innovation and family fun! Click here to buy your tickets for I[d]EA Day.



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