An Open Letter to My Students Past, Present and Future

April 30, 2019

by Mallory Aldrich, Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Admissions Coordinator

I have had the opportunity to work with gifted students for the past 11 years in a variety of roles from their classroom teacher, to their mentor or advisor.  They have taught me more than they will ever realize. Maybe you have had the opportunity to work with gifted students as well and have had some of the same experiences I have. This letter is a simple thank you to them from me.

An Open letter to the students I have worked with

To my students past, present and future……..

I am a better person because of you. The lessons you teach me each day are more than I could ever teach you. Your wit, selflessness, determination and charisma are characteristics that I wish I could bring to the table as you do so effortlessly. Here are the biggest lessons you have taught me.

How to Laugh:

Not just a small laugh that passes by in a second. I am talking about the gut hurting can’t stop if you tried laughter. Whether you are making a joke about an academic topic, a movie, a book or something else pop culture related to your humor is like none other. You laugh along with your peers even if you are the only ones that think the joke is funny. You don’t care what others think because YOU think it’s funny. I wish everyone knew how to laugh like this because it makes life fun. Thank you for teaching me how to laugh like no one is looking at me.


Your determination is like none I have ever seen. You see something you want to accomplish, and you make a well thought out plan on how you will get there. Even when everyone around you says you shouldn’t. Your ability to challenge yourself at every opportunity is something more people should do. What is most special is that even if you don’t accomplish what you set out to do you are determined to grow and learn from it even it. Never lose that desire to go to the next level. If it wasn’t for people like you the world would never have new discoveries. You have taught me to try harder and do something I never thought I would.


Your ability to extend kindness to everyone in the world is a trait that more people should have. Whether you are helping a friend with homework, sitting at lunch with someone who is alone or asking me how I am doing. You are genuine and authentic, and people know you truly mean what you are saying or doing. Never lose that.

So thank you. Thank you for being 100% authentic you. Thank you for letting me see your brilliant minds and lives.

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