Announcing the 2024 Class of Caroline D. Bradley Scholars

September 10, 2019

The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) has announced the 2024 class of award recipients of the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, a four-year high school scholarship for gifted learners to attend an optimally matched high school program to help them work toward meeting their unique intellectual and personal potential.

The program, which began in 2002 and is generously funded by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, is one of the few merit-based, need-blind scholarships of its kind in the U.S. To date, IEA has awarded 321 scholarships to gifted learners and alumni are already making their mark on the world. Currently there are 172 alumni, 115 of whom have graduated from college and are in the work force, attending graduate school or participating in international service and fellowship programs.

“When learning environments appropriately challenge each individual’s capabilities and address their personal needs, gifted students are far more likely to gain the tools required to realize their intellectual and personal potential,” said Elizabeth Jones, President of IEA. “IEA is honored to award scholarships to these deserving students thanks to the generosity of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. Now 28 gifted students of the Caroline D. Bradley (CDB) Scholar class of 2024 will have the financial and personal support they need to fuel their passion, curiosity and advanced intellectual ability.”

Students apply for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship in the seventh grade and are required to complete a rigorous portfolio application process, which includes essays, middle school transcripts, two recommendations and a work sample. Eligible applicants must also achieve scores at or above the 97th percentile on nationally normed standardized tests and score competitively with high school seniors on the SAT Reasoning or ACT tests. Four regional Selection Committees comprised of a diverse group of high school and university admissions directors, CDB alumni, and community and business leaders nationwide were tasked with choosing 63 finalists out of a pool of nearly 400 eligible applicants. Each of the very qualified CDB Finalists met with members of the CDB staff for an interview as the final step in the Scholar selection process.

Over the course of the next several months, IEA staff, current CDB Scholars and CDB alumni will provide guidance and assistance to the entering class of 2024 Scholars as they begin to identify potential high school programs, complete applications and prepare their individualized educational plans for next year’s high school entrance. “The Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship creates a life-changing experience that goes well beyond a high school scholarship,” said Bonnie Raskin, Program Director. “Scholars receive support and counsel from the Institute for Educational Advancement through high school and become part of a community of intellectual peers that they can rely on for support, shared information and networking for the rest of their lives. This is a very exciting moment in these students’ lives.”

2024 Caroline D. Bradley Scholars:
Acie Abner, Bowie, MD
Adam Azevedo, San Francisco, CA
Amanda Castillo-Lopez, Aurora, CO
Sophia Chen, Tustin, CA
Anne (Annie) Chian, Orange, CA
Jacob Cohen, Menlo Park, CA
Benjamin Ely, Grantham, NH
Logan Eskildsen, North Palm Beach, FL
Tristin Hurst, Wallingford, PA
Grace Jones, Santa Cruz, CA
Connor Keeney, San Antonio, TX
Alexandra Kim, Pasadena, CA
Jaeho Lee, Rexford, NY
Anna Levin, New York, NY
Bhushan Mohanraj, Charlotte, NC
Enrique Perez, Los Angeles, CA
Rishi Rai, Aurora, CO
Achyuta Rajaram, Sharon, MA
Dorothy Swanson Blaker, Portland, OR
Sophie Szeto, Seattle, WA
Riya Tyagi, Short Hills, NJ
Alex Wa, Duluth, GA
Caitlin Wassell, Ellensburg, WA
Corinne Wingate, San Mateo, CA
Grace Wu, Middleton, WI
Henry Yao, Sunnyvale, CA
Nicolas Zepeda, Sun Prairie, WI
Alex Zhao, Kirkland, WA

Congratulations to all of 2024 class of award recipients! We welcome you to the IEA community.

Applications for the 2020 scholarship will be available in November 2019. To be notified when the application is available, sign up for IEA’s newsletter.



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