May 21, 2022

We’ve been fortunate to have so many accomplished and interesting people walk through our doors. Every month, IEA highlights one of our program alumni to let the community know what they’ve been up to. This month, we caught up with 2012 CDB alumni, Isaiah Schrader.

I’m Isaiah Schrader, a 2012 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar from Scarborough, New York. After receiving the scholarship in 8th grade, I attended the Trinity School, a day school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where I discovered my passion for the culture, history, and languages of East Asia.

In 2017, I matriculated at Yale College. Although I took classes in a wide variety of subjects — from game theory to poetry, and political theory to economics — I ended up pursuing a double major in Philosophy and East Asian Languages and Literature. I focused mostly on the philosophy of early modern Europe and late imperial China: my senior thesis reexamined the thought of the 16th century Chinese philosopher Wang Yangming.

Like many of my peers in the humanities, I had some trouble figuring out what to do next — our paths are often far from linear. Ultimately, after graduating in 2021, I decided to continue pursuing my academic interest in China, and entered a two year Masters program at Harvard, where I study the intellectual history of Song and Ming Dynasty China. My hope is to stay for a PhD after graduating in 2023.

 I am so grateful for the generosity of the IEA community and the Bradley Scholarship in allowing me to receive a top-notch education, and I often reflect on the ways in which their support has had a profound impact on my life. Thanks so much to Bonnie, Betsy, Mallory, and the rest of the team for everything they do.

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