New Program Offerings for Gifted High School Students in Los Angeles

February 11, 2015

IEA is thrilled to announce a suite of program offerings for our high school community in Los Angeles County – all designed to help students advance their intellectual, creative, and personal potential. IEA is building on successful relationships with distinguished local researchers from Caltech, USC, and UCLA to offer the following in 2015:

Scientists @ Work – Advanced Research Workshops

San Marino, California

Offered March through May 2015

Scientists @ Work evening workshops are designed to advance students’ intellectual curiosity through access to new knowledge from research scientists in the Los Angeles area. Working with a professional scientist, students will be introduced to the skills needed to be a successful scientific researcher in areas such as coding, mechanical engineering, or advanced physics.

These evening workshops led by Caltech researchers will include a lecture, seminar, and hands-on learning experience. Space will be limited.

Tuition*: $25 per workshop or $60 for 3 workshops

Summer Apprenticeship 2015

Los Angeles and Pasadena, California

June 22-August 7, 2015

IEA’s summer Apprenticeship Program is more than an internship – it’s a place where high potential students can advance their intellectual passions with incredible mentors. Apprenticeship 2015 is non-residential and will provide opportunities for immersion in engaging research and the chance to meet peers with shared interests. Apprentices will work as professionals during the day, and in the evening, they will enjoy weekly social gatherings and workshops with lead college advisors, counselors, and other experts.

Local gifted high school students are invited to apply for this prestigious experience. Apprentices will be placed at Caltech, USC, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where they will work with a team of professionals to gain hands-on, intellectually stimulating advanced research experience in a field of their choice.

Summer Apprenticeship is a place for students to develop their passions alongside helpful professionals.

Tuition*: $1,400

Academy for High School

San Marino, California

April 6-May 30, 2015

As our students grow, we grow. For the first time, IEA Academy will offer STEM classes for high school students during the Spring Session. These challenging enrichment classes focus on exploration and application of knowledge and are taught by content area specialists. Schedules will be announced in early March – stay tuned for more details!

These are amazing opportunities for young adults. As one 2014 Apprentice said:

“The experience of actually doing work in astrophysics, rather than just learning things in a classroom, was a very valuable experience that taught me a lot about the environment and the world of work and research. I also discovered that I would want to be in that environment, something that is hard to determine when just learning about astronomy in the regular classroom.”

In addition to these new and updated program offerings in the Los Angeles area, IEA continues to provide our Yunasa and Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship for teenagers nationwide.

  • IEA’s Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship awards highly gifted applicants with a four-year scholarship to a high school that fits their individual intellectual and personal needs. Students apply in 7th grade.
  • IEA’s pioneering and award-winning Yunasa summer camps for gifted youth unite highly able youngsters ages 10-15 with experts in the social and emotional development of gifted children. In a nurturing setting campers explore and grow the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of their lives.

*Financial aid for all IEA programs is available to families in need.

The Apprenticeship Program is not sponsored or endorsed by Caltech, UCLA or USC.

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