Tell Us Your Story: Early Graduation

June 6, 2017

It is not uncommon for gifted students to finish their high school coursework before the age of 18. At this juncture they must decide whether to pursue early college admission, or other options. When done correctly, allowing a student to advance academically can be a very positive experience; however, acceleration is not right for every gifted child, nor is advancement a fix-all for under-challenged students. In honor of Higher Education Day, we’d like to hear from anyone who has chosen to graduate early, enter college early, taken a gap year, or pursued alternative educational experiences. Here are a few guiding questions:

  • Do you have a child or know a young person who entered college early? What was their experience?
  • If you have a child or know someone who went in a different direction, tell us about it!
  • Do you have any additional resources or research to share?

If you are interested in learning more about acceleration, here are a few resources:

A Nation Deceived (2004)
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A Nation Empowered (2015)
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Types of Acceleration and their Effectiveness
A Helpful Guide from the Davidson Institute

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