Ten Ways to Learn at Home

November 9, 2020

By Nicole Endacott

Fall has arrived and, with it, more distance learning! To those who are still participating in IEA online offerings like Academy and Spyglass, it’s been great to see you. To those who we haven’t seen in a while, we hope you’re hanging in there!

There’s a lot to juggle right now, so here are some ways for kids who love to learn to expand their knowledge without adding another Zoom meeting to their busy calendars:

1. Listen to a Podcast

There’s a podcast for every interest and they’re a perfect way to learn while on walks or car rides! If you’d like to listen to a podcast about giftedness, check out our recommended list from last year.

2. Start a Garden

Whether you start with a cactus or a vegetable garden, testing out your green thumb has plenty of learning opportunities.

3. Conduct a Survey

If you’re looking to gain some number sense and analytical skills, try sending a survey to family and friends, then drawing conclusions from the results. You can even display your family’s favorite animals or ice cream flavors in a pie chart!

4. Watch a Documentary

Not only are documentaries great antidotes to stress, but you can learn something while you watch! There are engaging documentaries available about nature, space, history, musicians, and more.

5. Observe an Animal

Go outside and find an animal – a bird, insect, squirrel, or otherwise – and watch it for several minutes. What is it doing? Does it have cool adaptations? What do you think it eats?

6. Write (or Draw) a Story

We all have a story to tell! Whether you write about something that happened to you, your favorite historical figure, or something entirely fictional, flex your brain by thinking about how to tell the story in the most interesting way. Is there information you can wait to reveal to build suspense? Is there a joke that could make your readers laugh?

7. Learn a New Art Form

Now is a great time to learn how to weave, embroider, macrame, or paint. Anything can be art, and it’s so nice to take a break from screens to make something with your hands. Look online or head to a local craft store for inspiration!

8. Play a Strategy Game

IEA students love to play Connect 4, Sequence, Settlers of Catan, and Set. These and other games can help boost your logic skills even while you’re enjoying time with your family.

9. Cook or Bake

The culinary arts are full of chemistry and math! Pick out a recipe that uses ingredients you already have on-hand, then start measuring and mixing. What kind of physical and chemical reactions happen as you complete each step? How would you double the recipe?

10. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

We all miss walking around museums, but the next best thing is safely touring them from home. The British Museum, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, and many others have virtual tours online.

How else have you been learning this year? Let us know in the comments!

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