Virtual Learning Lab: Creative Problem Solving II – Changing Your Point of View

July 24, 2020

Creative Problem Solving II – Changing Your Point of View

In this video, 2023 CDB Scholar Arul Kolla continues the series of videos about creative problem solving by talking about changing your point of view. In many problems, we often get stuck after trying for a long time. How do we get “unstuck”? And how do we change our point of view and attack the question from a different angle? In this video, we see more tips on creative problem solving in general and how to find new ways to look at a problem.

Creative Problem Solving Series 

It seems that everyone today talks about creative problem solving. Curriculum guides list problem solving skills as key objectives at all levels, and professional organisations recommend that creative problem solving becomes the focus of school mathematics. Many people believe that the ability to solve problems develops automatically from mastery of computational skills. This is not necessarily true; problem solving is itself a skill. A problem is more challenging than a typical exercise because the route to the solution is often not known beforehand, and requires some level of creativity.


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