Virtual Learning Lab: Special Relativity, Part 3, Relativistic Effects and Paradoxes!

June 8, 2020

Physics seems to work well on human scales, but why does classical physics seem to break at the largest and smallest ones? This series of videos, presented by Umar Ahmed Badami (CDB 2021 and CEO of Brilliants, a tutoring organization dedicated to helping underrepresented minorities) will discuss the physics on the scale of atoms and of galaxies.


Materials Needed: Pencil and Paper, Graph Paper (optional)


Link to Lesson 2: Math Time: https://ieastaging2.wpengine.com/blog-special-relativity-part-2-math-time/

Link to Lesson 1: Introduction to Special Relativity: https://ieastaging2.wpengine.com/blog-virtual-learning-lab-intro-to-special-relativity/



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