You Might Have a Gifted Child on Your Hands if…

October 20, 2020

By Jennifer De La Haye

  1. She doesn’t always seem incredibly attentive. But sometimes she is intensely attentive. Gifted kids often laser-focus their attention when they find something to be important or interesting, but when a topic seems irrelevant or easy to master, they might tune out. This does not necessarily mean your child is dealing with ADHD.
  2. He makes complex connections from a young age. I overheard a small child say (about a crying baby), “I wish I could go into her brain and kiss her feelings.”
  3. She is more interested in having conversations with adults than other children. Gifted kids often prefer connecting with intellectual peers rather than age-mates. Many IEA participants have said that they didn’t have friends their age until arriving at IEA.
  4. His emotions are much bigger than his body. He’s not being defiant; he’s not even throwing a tantrum. His nervous system literally responds to stimuli in an extraordinary, intense way.
  5. She masters a task with little instruction or repetition. When a gifted kid is interested in something, she will catch on quickly and sometimes with minimal effort. An 18-month-old might beat her parent at “Memory,” or a 3-year old might teach herself to read.
  6. He “feels” the feelings in a room of people, sometimes instantly. Your child might experience an immediate stomachache if he steps into a tense space.
  7. She sometimes has more energy than her body can contain. This might manifest as physical energy, emotional energy, sensory energy, an astonishing imagination, or boundless intellectual energy. Follow this link to an article on Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities.
  8. His curiosity knows no bounds. “How does the brain think?” “What is skin made out of?” “Why do our eyes cry when we are sad?” “Can I hold a rainbow? Why not?” Are you weary from all the questions? Would you like me to ask you more questions?
  9. She is already a lawyer. You might feel like your kid can talk circles around you, negotiate with clarity and precision, and convince you she is right, even when you logically know she is not.
  10. He has a remarkable memory. Your mind is blown when your child vividly describes events that occurred before he turned 2!


Parents tend to know when their child needs something more. If you are looking for an opportunity for your gifted child, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to provide children with the educational, emotional, and personal support needed to ensure they thrive in all aspects of life and grow into their best and most realized selves. Reach out to us. Ask questions. Let us help!